Medical boarding

It may be difficult to find a safe place for those pets that need that bit of extra care. ABVC Kennel & Cattery is here to take this worry away from you. With 10 years of Veterinary Care under our belt and very skilled staff regularly visiting our Kennel & Cattery to check on our boarders we feel confident we can offer this extra service to you.

So pets with Diabetes, Chronic Renal Failure, Heart failure, e.o. can feel safe under our dedicated and professional Care.

As we need to ensure we know all about your Pet’s special needs, a veterinary record needs to be handed over for us to investigate and ensure we have all required for proper care before the Pet is admitted. Al medication needs to be properly labeled and your Veterinarians contact details (if not ABVC) need to be provided.

Dog, Cat or other Pet Boarding

Each boarding day is charged from 3 pm till 12 pm the next day and you will therefore need to deliver your pet after 3 pm and collect your pet before 12 pm on the day of our return.
We need the time between 12-3 pm to sanitize the cages for the next boarder. If your pets aren’t collected in time, you will be charged for an extra day. All fees need to be settled up-front.

Pets staying in our ABVC Kennels & Cattery need to show proof of up-to-date vaccinations including Kennel Cough and the microchip number will be checked. All pets will be treated for fleas and de-wormed upon arrival in our boarding facility by our staff.

While boarding we can offer grooming services to your pet; bathing, grooming, stripping or clipping, shaving, nail clip, anal-glands expression, ear-flushing, etc.

For more information, you can:

Email us at, or Call us at 04-3471028