Pet travel and relocation

ABVC Pet Travel & Relocations – Q&A

Why did you decide to take a position in the Pet Relocation business?

The challenge. I have always loved and cared for pets but the thought of doing something different and unique made me want to pursue it. I knew from the start it was always going to be a learning experience but the thought of obtaining a distinctive skill set was exciting along with the knowledge of something that can be rare to find in other people.

What are you most proud of working for ABVC Pet Travel & Relocations?

This is an easy answer and that is what I have learned. Where I was to where I am now, with my knowledge and understanding of how this particular type of business works, I am proud of how far I have come and how much I have learned. I am also proud of how far ABVC has grown as a company, with the introduction of our Relocations department and our Kennels & Cattery, we’ve grown as a team and we’ve taken on a lot of challenges together. Through hard work, care and love, we’ve gone from a team to a family.

What has been your favorite story to tell others about life at ABVC Pet Travel & Relocations?

I always like to remember that I relocated my dog back to the U.K. My dog has had the pleasure of living in 5 different countries (much to the dismay of my father who paid for it all!) but the funny thing was, I wondered what was involved and I was certainly worried when the time came for my dog to travel. It’s amazing how I went from wondering to actually doing it.

What’s some advice you would give to people who are just starting to plan a relocation of their own?

Research and preparation! Never expect each country to be the same and never assume that something can be handled within a few days. It is not a simple booking of a flight. A lot of countries require the pet(s) to meet strict regulations which takes time, effort and planning to organize. Never be afraid to ask questions to a Pet Relocation agent. The more questions we answer for you, the better you’ll feel.

What is one of the most challenging relocation requests you have received and how did you solve the problem?

We had a cat, ‘Tigger’ that had to travel to Canouan Island, St. Vincent & The Grenadines. This proved to be extremely difficult and hard work. Logistically, Tigger had to travel to 2 other countries before finally making it to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where his owner had been waiting for him for nearly 6 months of being apart! The process took a long time however eventually; we were able to work with another agent in London who handled the remaining journey, which was to Barbados and then St. Vincent & The Grenadines. We ultimately managed the inoculations, the export permit, the blood tests, the import permit for St. Vincent & The Grenadines, the boarding, the flight to London and the liaison with the agent in London Gatwick. You’ll be happy to know, all went well and Tigger is currently the ‘Top-Cat’ of the island!

What are some of the more, surprisingly, challenging countries to export pets to?

Saudi Arabia can be difficult, although close because you need different Import Permits for each region and communication is notoriously difficult. India, for their list of requirements and again a lack of knowledgeable agents to assist with the import of pets and Kuwait for the limit of only 2 animals allowed, regardless of who is importing the pets. (Possible ways around this, though)


What do you think will change about pet travel in the next five years?

I think the overall care and knowledge will change dramatically. Unfortunately, we see a lot of people abandoning their pets when it is time to relocate, mainly because of the expenses required to do so. There is more awareness nowadays and I would like to think in 5 years, it would be common knowledge before someone commits to a owning a pet. On the traveling aspect side of things, it’s a growing business and I think more major airlines will become more animal-friendly as the years go on, implementing, animal hotels, cheaper methods of travel and animal-orientated staff. A few major hubs and airlines already have made a jump on this, those being KLM, Lufthansa, and Swiss Air.

What do you wish other people knew about the company?

ABVC can offer your pet(s) the love, care and affection they deserve. It is not just a service but also a passion of ours. Whether that is our Pet Travel & Relocations organizing the relocation to a new country, the Kennels & Cattery taking care of your loved one whilst you’re away on holiday or our Veterinarian Clinic providing the top quality health care your pet deserves, we are here for you. ABVC is not just a company that caters to animal needs but we are a company that is passionate and understanding about the expectations you wish your pet(s) to receive.