Adopting a small pet

Adopting a small pet. Which kind suits your family best?

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, and Gerbils increased their popularity as small pets, especially with families with young children. They are fun, cuddly and cute thus the increasing popularity as pets.
Before considering owning a small animal as a pet, there are few things to consider, like character, care, exercise needs and Veterinary Care.
Character-wise, we have to say that every animal is an individual and will have their own unique personality. But there are general character traits that will more or less imply to all of them.
All pets need a good amount of care and time to dedicate to them. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are more demanding than Hamsters and Gerbils. That said, the interaction with Rabbits and Guinea Pigs is different than with Hamsters and Gerbils. Rabbits can even come when called; they like to be cuddled and stroked and love the attention from their owner. Guinea Pigs are known to “sing” when the owner is coming. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs can be let out of the cage to roam free, of course under supervision. But hamsters and gerbils should not be let out to roam free as they will hide or escape.
While Gerbils and Hamsters keep themselves fit and entertained by doing their cardio work out in the cage on their wheel, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits especially need at least an hour per day out of the cage to run and explore.
Although there are no required vaccines for small animals, they do need regular Vet Care, especially if they do get sick. It is important to find a Vet that has knowledge and experience in treating small animals as not all Vets treat them. The Vets at Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic are very knowledgeable in small animal care and treatment. You can always schedule an appointment with one of the Vets if you have any questions or concerns about your pet.
In separate blogs, we will briefly explain some of their characteristics and care needs, and it is up to you to decide which will be best suited for your family. If you would like to know more about any of the small animals, you can always contact the vets or nurses from Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic.

Small Mammals can be a huge contribution to your family life and add to the education and care development of young children whilst growing up to become responsible adults. Besides this they are so much fun!


Only if the care if properly done! So parents, Inform yourself!

Before acquiring a small pet, read up on their habits, on their needs, their longevity and the general costs involved of keeping them. So there will be no nasty surprises for either you, your family but above all, the small Pet involved.

ABVC have prepared a small overview of each of the most common small mammals, kept as Pets in our homes. It will cover their back ground, their basic needs and some tips and warnings to complete this information. Please contact us should you have more questions left via

  1. Rabbits
  2. Guinea Pigs
  3. Hamster
  4. Gerbil

The UAE has an active facebook group which can be of use for new small pet owners in both selecting, adopting and general care advise. Please contact should you have any questions left?