Dog training

Why do animal handlers and dogs need training?

Well, as we all know that not everyone or every dog has the ability to understand the other species easily. Not even the best dog trainer can handle any untrained dog right away. As an Animal handler myself, I know that every dog is unique, every dog has a different attitude or behaviour that I must try to find out immediately. It could really take some time and patience to understand a dog’s behaviour and you must be able to get that in order for you to gain its trust without stressing or hurting each other. This is why Animal handlers and dogs need to be trained. They both need to be trained in a way that works for the both of them, if not, then it will take a lot of time for them to own each other’s trust and will make the training more difficult. Training can be considered as a fun way for you and your dog to bond and enjoy being with each other, so make sure to provide some time to train your dog.

Why dogs may enjoy getting some basic training?

Training your dog some basics like ‘sit’, ‘shake hands’, ‘lay down’, and some more is a lot easier if you reward them with a healthy treat for their obedience. Basic training also provides your dog what he/she really wants from you, which is your “attention”. A lot of dog owners are often too busy looking at their laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic devices, taking away your attention from your precious best friend. The ‘basics’ are such a wonderful way of showing your love and attention to your dog, in fact, most dogs really do enjoy basic training, as you will be able to see your dog’s tail wag so fast especially when they know they’ll be rewarded for performing well. Just do not spoil your furry friend too much with the rewards.