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Cataract in Pets

June 2016 – Cataract Awareness month not only for human beings but also for their Pet(s).

Cataract is a disease of the eye (more particular the lens in the eye) which in the long run can cause diminished vision or even blindness. In Pets Cataract is often inherited and hence we will see it more in certain breeds than others. Certain diseases like Diabetes Mellitus and old age can contribute to the formation of Cataract as well.

In Cataract, the lens has become opaque and is blurring the vision formation on the retina as light can no longer fall focused on the back of the eye where vision takes place. The severity of the opaqueness of the lens measures the level of blindness in your Pet, the more white, the less vision.

Most animals do not relate to vision as much as we humans do, as they make much better use of their other senses to place themselves in their environment. Many owners will only notice vision problems in their pets at a very late stage and even then can be shocked if the Vet points out to them that their Pet sees little to none.

What can you do to support your pet?

– Preventative: as there is a major genetic background to this problem, screening programs for affected breeds are in place ensure to buy your puppy from reputable breeders and pedigree organizations.

– Supportive: Early diagnosis of related diseases causing alterations of the lens such as Diabetes Mellitus can stop the lens deterioration from progressing once the patient is stabilized.

Support of Pets that suffer due to diminished vision or even sight loss can be done by not moving around any furniture and walking in well-known areas. Keep your Dog on a leash to avoid collisions and accidents.

– Curative: Specialist Veterinary Ophthalmologist can surgically replace the affected lens after ensuring the Retina does not have any problems in which case this surgery would not bring any improvement.


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