Microchip Awareness at ABVC Dubai UAE

ABVC Lost Pet Awareness Day – Discount on Microchip

25% Discount on Microchip!

On February 14th 2017 Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic offers 25% discount on Microchip placement. Microchipping your Pet can be just the connection between being lost & found!

Microchipping your Pet is mandatory by UAE law so each Pet can be identified and a connection between Pet and owner can be established. This is important not only for the Pet Parent on the day the pet gets lost, but also out of Public Health and Stray Pet Population motivation.

How does it work?

a sterile ISO certified microchip is placed under the skin just on top of the left shoulder blade (International agreement) and the chip is directly scanned to ensure it is functional after placement. The Veterinary Clinic placing the Microchip registers the Microchip together with the clients Name, telephone number and Address in the Aleef App. Each Client has to enlist his/her Makani number as part of the Address. Pets are in this way registered with the Municipality Veterinary Section and if the Rabies Vaccination is up-to-date via a UAE registered Veterinary Clinic you will receive a Municipality Tag in the Clinic registering the Pet.

Besides this registration in your Veterinary Clinic and at the Municipality it is also advisable to register your Pet’s Microchip number in the UAE Pet Database. Unfortunately this Database is not a unique Database and therefore it is advisable to register your pet at all of them:

All Pets without a clear Municipality tag will be treated as a stray!

If you ever find yourself in the horrible situation where you have lost your pet, please contact your Vet and ask them to inform all Vet Clinics on the Microchip number and description of your cat. It is also advisable to have a recent photo available in which your Pet is clearly recognisable. Although all Vets work together on getting your Pet back to you as soon as possible, it is still best to also report the Pet as missing on all Pet Groups and Database, so you have not left any stone unturned to find your Pet Back.

Although it sounds horrible, checking the garbage bins in your neighborhood to see if you pet is in there after someone has found him/her is advisable, this way you will at least find closure.