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Dog Handling Training with Rajiv – Calm your dog

‘’Man’s best friend’’, a famous phrase that best describes dogs because of its close relations, loyalty and companionship with humans. So that is why they say that dog’s energy/behavior is a reflection of its boss/owner. Dog’s behavior depends on the situation that they may go through, in this case, the boss/owner could play a vital role on how to calm his dog.


For pet lovers, here are some tips on how to calm your pet:

1.    Stay Relax and Keep Calm
How you react when hearing some unwanted noises from the surroundings like hearing something such as barks of fighting dogs in your neighborhood? Well, your dog will pick up or give a ride on your behavior too. Try to keep calm and relax if needed so it would be easy for you to handle them in a relaxing way, not in a rattling way.

2.    Be Patient and Understanding
Some dogs are getting anxious for instance when they hear thunderstorm sounds. They tend to hide in a place where they know they’re safe or they could minimally hear these loud sounds, which is inside the house and most probably inside the room of their boss because they know that they are safe there. As a result of this, for example, your dog may pee or poo in your room because of being anxious, never shout at your dog as they don’t understand what they’ve done wrong even though they are very guilty. Instead, show your sympathy and understand why he’s frightened so his anxiousness level may lessen gradually.

3.    Distract them from a Negative Stimuli to a Positive Stimuli
For instance, having visitors in your house, especially new faces could upset your dog. Every dog could react differently to strangers, they could be aggressive. Instead of shouting at them to stop, you can divert them by giving food, a tasty chew or a treat. Chewing is good for dogs and can have a calming effect. If you used to repeat this kind of practice to your dog, your dog will learn this kind of conditioning and make it a habit.

Learning how to calm your pet is not quite difficult, it’s not new to us because dogs are like humans. They have a heart that could feel happiness, sadness, and other emotions. What matters most is to love and respect them as they do us.

Written by Michael Mangaoang, animal handler at ABVC Kennels & Cattery