Dog INDOOR Play Day July 2016 ABVC Kennels & Cattery Dubai

Dog INDOOR Play Day (Mini-Medium-Large) in July 2016

Dog INDOOR Play day Again!

We beat the heat and have a blast with our Clients and their Pets in our INDOOR play area! Each time is bigger and better. We had so much fun in June, rubbing their bellies and seeing them play and interact with their owners and other dogs throughout the day, far away from the sweltering heat.

At all our play days, dogs not only play and have fun but socialise and communicate with friends, giving them confidence and challenges to deal with, breaking the boring summer days. Our ABVC Staff ensures that everyone has an enriching experience and contribute to pet-parent bonding. It is a nice time to share and meet other dog lovers!

It is important to ensure all pets are safe and we, therefore, take our time to introduce each dog into the group. We, therefore, request you to book your participation in advance so we can prepare a time for you and your dog to realise a good start.

As these days are in high demand we have started to split the groups in size as follows:

*T&C: Prior booking is mandatory, book Now! 04-3471028 or