dog training

Dog Training with Rajiv Saini

Rajiv Saini a certified dog Behaviourist, learned all his dog training techniques from Cesar Millan who’s known worldwide as the “Dog Whisperer”. Rajiv Saini recently conducted a training for us here in ABVC Kennels and Cattery on how to train a dog using all the amazing methods he mastered from Cesar’s way. I’m quite surprised how scientific all the training methods were.

How a dog’s brain works

This is very crucial throughout the whole dog training process. We humans have to learn how our dog’s brain works, for us to be able to understand their behavior and how we can communicate with them. Unlike us humans, a dog’s brain works from instinct, subconscious and conscious mind. A lot of patience and repetition is needed to work with a dog’s brain. The more we understand how their brains work, the more efficient our training will be.

A Calm state of Mind

Before jumping to the training process, we need to have a calm state of mind. Having a calm state of mind allows us to have a good energy towards a dog. Dogs can sense our energy, how we feel and they react to it accordingly. If we are tense towards a fearful dog, the dog will feel more fear and sometimes leads to aggression. Breathing exercise like yoga can help us humans achieve a calm state of mind and have a positive energy.

Be the Leader of the Pack

By nature, dogs determine their role in the pack if they’re the alpha which is the leader or a follower. In order to train a dog, we must first establish ourselves as the pack leader. Here, we must achieve the respect of each other’s space teaching the first fundamental training which is obedience. With the proper corrections, and follow through, dogs will easily learn to follow. But of course, we must not forget to have a balanced dog behavior, when the dog learns to follow, give them the affection they deserve.

written by Donnie Pagsanjan, Professional pet groomer at ABVC kennels and Cattery