Breast cancer in cats

Dolly Parton Syndrome in Cats

Feline Mammary Hypertrophy

(Dolly Parton syndrome)
Feline Mammary Hypertrophy is affecting both Queens as Cats.  Although this is a benign tumor, it however by its enormous size increase in relatively short time causes a lot of discomfort in your Cat. The slang expression “Dolly Parton Syndrome” will give you a good idea of what to expect.

The mammary glands can swell up to such an enormous size that they are even dragging over the floor when the cat walks. This swelling will cause complications as it initiates ulceration and infection. In general, this problem affects all mammary glands. As you can imagine this must be very painful and causes general deterioration showing a bad appetite, apathy, and weight loss.

The swelling is caused due to an increase in the fibrous tissue and tissue of the mammary glands under the influence of a stimulation through progesterone. In general, the progesterone is administered (via a progesterone derivative like megesterolacetaat or medroxyprogesteronacetaat) via either “the Pill” for cats or a hormone injection to prevent the cats from going on heat (contraceptive). Some cats will develop this through own hormonal over production, when they are phantom pregnant or regularly on heat.

“the Pill” for cats has therefore been abandoned as treatment and Spaying of female cats is advised as of a young age. It gives a 100% guarantee of preventing reproduction, and it minimises the risk of developing these Mega Breasts.

Diagnoses are made via Diagnoses “a vue” and therapy is instant Spaying of the Female cats and discontinuation of administering progesterone or its derivatives to cats. In some cases amputation of the enormous mammary tissue is advisable.

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