Spay & Neuter Feb 2016 Poster ABVC

February Free Spay & Neuter

Free Spay & Neuter, this year for 10th time at Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic

Why Free Spay & Neuter? Dubai gives residence to many stray cats. These cats are found in most expat compounds, on building sites or industrial areas, office buildings and in apartment garages. The well being of these cats often goes at heart of the people living or working in these areas and they feed them. Although this is a wonderful gesture it leads without neutering to explosive growth of the wild population of cats.

ABVC has organised since many years now exactly for this reason a Free Spay & Neuter Campaign in the month of February. How does it work:

  • Dubai/UAE residents book a spay/neuter appointment in February at Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic
  • Dubai/UAE residents trap stray cats
  • Dubai/UAE residents bring the cats to the clinic on the appointment day
  • Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic Spay/Neuter the cat
  • All Cats will get their left ear tip clipped off so stray cats will be easily recognised as neutered
  • Dubai/UAE residents collect same evening cats from our Clinic
  • Cats will be released in same community/area as where they were trapped

Heavily pregnant female cats will stay for 1 day in the clinic to recover from the surgery!

Only stray cats will be accepted for this free service. The Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic and Team ABVC appreciate your support and look forward to a wonderful month of working site by site to get many cats Spayed & Neutered. To see what else we do for our stray community please click here

Help Us Help Them!

Stray Support February 2016 ABVC

Free Spay & Neuter of Stray Dogs

This is the third year that we offer Free Spay & Neuter of Stray dogs.

We have arranged 2 days (Monday & Tuesday) for the dogs so they will not be stressed out by the many cats we see on the other days or vice versa, stress out cats.

Similar mode of action as mentioned above for cats is required from the people helping us by bringing in the dogs for their Free treatment. We appreciate your help and look forward to a very successful campaign this year once again.