Free Play Day

Free Play Day at ABVC Kennels & Cattery – 12th May 2018

This past Saturday was another happy and fun-filled weekend for our play day visitors and our boarding pets also. The visitors were all frequent play day visitors, so they are already familiar with our place, their dogs were very used to visiting AVBC K&C that they all happily went upstairs and into our play area like it’s going to be the best day of their lives.

Here was Dio (Mixed breed) welcoming the new addition to Pepper and Bailey’s(Pomeranians) family. The parents were very happy to see Dio wanting to meet their baby that they also took a photo of Dio doing this. Dio was very happy and excited to see the baby in the cradle, so the parent took their baby to their hands so Dio could easily meet their baby.

Pepper (Fawn Pomeranian) was very playful with our boarding pets and Bailey (Brown Pomeranian) was very attached to their owner. Pepper surely had enjoyed her play day with us as she was running around the whole play area and play with the other dogs who had a rubber ball.

Spongebob (Pekingese) here on the photo, was busy trying and struggling to grab a rubber ball with his mouth, but luckily Pepper was there to cheer him up even if he couldn’t do it.

Then we have Chip (Yorkshire), a very playful little Yorkie that loved to explore our play area in search of playmates that meets his likes. He really loves to play with the dogs and not with the toys/balls. When he arrived he immediately ran to the other dogs and started inviting them to play with him. He was then got close to Louis (Yorkshire) and started following him around and doing whatever Louis does.

While the other dogs were busy playing, Fendi (Chihuahua) was up for his usual thing, that is looking for somebody’s lap to rest on and get some cuddles.

Rocky (Poodle) was also attached to something, his rubber ball. He doesn’t want to be away from his rubber ball, so he decides to nest on it like a mother hen on her egg. When the visitors throw his rubber ball away, he immediately retrieves it and just covers it with his arms again like a pillow.

Cilo (Pug) is back again and she is still very active and playful as always. She is everywhere in the play area and always trying to get your attention just by rubbing her body around your leg. She also gets very noisy when she starts to bark at the other dogs on the other play area.

Blankie (Shih Tzu Mix) is a calm dog that mostly prefers to be alone. At the beginning of his boarding, he was shy and a bit anxious with the other dogs, but he slowly got over it by staying with us for some time. On the play day, he did not display any shyness at all and started to play around with the others especially with one of our visitors, Pepper.

By the end of the day, all of the visitors went home with their furry buddies exhausted and happy. They were grateful that we have our play day because according to some of them it is the only way to get their dogs interact, play, and exercise indoor since the temperature outside is already starting to get too hot for their little pooch. See you all again soon on the next play day!