Grooming promotions July 2016

Grooming July 2016

When your pets go for boarding, what could be more fun and exciting than sending them for some pampering! While you’re busy enjoying the holidays, why not your pet too? Most pet owners consider their pets as part of the family and treat them with the special care they deserve.

Grooming enhances both bonding and good health control, besides securing good looks and comfort. As your Pet is regularly handled, you will earlier spot any abnormalities or health related issues and can quicker response ensuring longevity through early detection.

Starting to groom your pet at an early age adds to ease of grooming at a later stage. Ask our excellent ABVC groomers for advise and tips to make your grooming session fun and relaxed. Or book an appointment to have your Pet groomed in our Pet Hotel. We run special grooming packages and offer book 5 get 1 free grooming for our regular clients.

Special Promotions for the month of July 2016:

* T&C apply: only for booked appointments, full is full (Book Now!)
**Definition of Mutt:  Mongrel dog of unknown ancestry

ABVC groomers are honed with skills and techniques that enable them to render optimal service; we can even offer to groom as per the latest fashion and special pedigree expectations.

At ABVC, we believe in providing the best care. Thus we offer different packages that allow the client to choose the best service for their pet. Your pet’s welfare is our top priority and ABVC takes this responsibility very seriously.