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ABVC Grooming training by Guiness Book of Record holder

Grooming training at the end of April (27/28/29) will once more be organised by ABVC for their already excellent grooming staff. We like to ensure that in a rapid and fashionable environment like dog and cat grooming our staff stays on top of it.

In November 2015 one of our groomers went for a 2 week training to the top dog grooming country Thailand and came back with excellent new techniques and skills. This time Mirjam Van Oord, herself World Record holder for washing Dogs, will come again to train our staff on proper instrument handling, special breed pedigree grooming and many many other skills.

On top of this in April we go crazy! ABVC offers the whole month of April FREE grooming, so don’t hesitate and Book Now! or call 04-347 1028

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