Best grooming in town

Grooming Training by professional groomers from the Netherlands

In ABVC Kennels and Cattery, we are lucky to be trained by Guinness World Record title holder for Dog Washing Mirjam Van Oord and well known professional groomer Sandra Janssen Groesbeek from Holland.
From 27 – 29 April 2016, the staff had a grooming training where they were able to subject themselves to a whole experience of dog and cat grooming from world experts
One of the learnings imbibed is to make sure that the dog or cat is comfortable with the way they are being handled.  Some pets are very sensitive especially when they are touched at the rear end or tail. It is best to slowly touch the dog/cat if they are already relaxed.

The team also learned certain techniques such as trimming using scissors and clippers. Likewise, brushing or combing the pet’s hair before any trimming or cutting is done, will thoroughly give a good overview of how the end result will look like.
Grooming is also one way of training pets how to socialize. This helps the pet learn to accept being handled by strangers, meet new people, and cope with new places. A grooming session should be a wonderful experience that would build a close bond between the groomer and the pet.
It was also learned that it is important to create a stress-free environment for the pet. The groomer needs to emit positive vibes by talking softly whilst massaging the pet.
The staff members were very grateful to Miriam and Sandra for the knowledge imparted.  Furthermore, skills such as communication, and creativity were also taught.
It is remarkable every time the company conducts this yearly grooming training. It gives the team members more self-confidence in executing their duties better.
Miriam and Sandra emphasized the significance of being gentle, of being passionate about work, and the importance of showing to the pet that you care for them.  This makes one become a better groomer.

Thank you, Miriam and Sandra, for this wonderful experience and opportunity.
Veel Geluk!
From ABVC Kennels & Cattery Team, Dubai, UAE