Healthy cat month

Healthy Cat Month

Every year, the veterinary world celebrates the Healthy Cat Month. The aim of this event is to ensure that cat owners will be educated and well informed on how they can keep their cats happy and healthy.  Since most of us don’t know when the healthy cat month is, allow us to inform everyone that ABVC is having September – a happy, healthy cat month.

During the month of September, we are celebrating with our feline companion with an entire month of health, value, and welfare. Healthy cat month is all about ensuring that your feline companion has everything they need for their general well-being. So we have prepared some pointers to keep them happy and of course, healthy:

For more advice, you can call the clinic on 04 340 8601 and book a nurse check so you’ll be able to receive a proper education on how to make your feline companion Happy and Healthy.

Written by Rafael Recto, Veterinary Nurse at Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic


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