Many dogs are afraid of Fireworks

Fireworks Season – make an early start to help your Pet feel comfortable

Is your Pet suffering from the loud noises produced by Fireworks? Although we have regular celebrations with large Fireworks display in the UAE, for some reason we only tend to pay attention to this in the Holiday Season. As we however will celebrate Flag Day, Martyr’s Day and National Day as well, we thought it better to bring the support forward.

Dogs and cats find it difficult to stay calm with the loud bangs occuring around them during a Firework display or Thunderstorms. What makes us happy and excited, can really cripple your Pet. What can you do about this and make your Pet more comfortable?

Ground fireworks are the worst because they are close to the ground, cause a vibrating feeling due to the force they release and create a thick smoke which irritates their nose and smell. Fortunately in the UAE we are treated to the most beautiful Firework Shows which has the emphasis on beauty and not on noise. Dogs explore the world with their senses, eye, nose and ears.

Here are some pet friendly-tips

  1. Take a walk – Keep your dog indoors on the night of the Fireworks but ensure he/she has had a nice walk to tire them a bit down. Very important is that you DON’T take your dog outside unleashed. When a dog hears a loud noise, this might scare him/her and cause him/her to run away.
  1. Indoor – When your dog is already inside, you can prepare crates, a kennel or a cage with a blanket on it, so it can hide away. Make sure to close all the windows and doors to prevent your pet from escaping. This also helps to block the loud-noise caused by the fireworks.
  1. Training – Start 2 – 3 months before the fireworks event is planned to train your pet. You can exercise his/her mental strength by playing some fireworks – effects, whilst ensuring you are there to support and ensure him/her that all is fine.
  2. Food – Special food has been developed to calm down nervous pets, starting this food months in advance will ensure your Pet has the correct level to notice these effect.
  3. CALM –Stay calm yourself at all times! this will give your pet confidence.


Fortunately, ABVC – Kennels and Cattery is in Al Quoz Industrial area 4, far away from the noise of the Fireworks. If you are in a busy area with lots of expected Fireworks, you can bring your pet to have a silent and relaxing holiday with us. Our Animal Handlers will be there all night to ensure they feel supported and confident.