Danger for pets

The Holidays may be a Danger for Pets

Holiday Festivities: danger for pets?

Having a Pet is wonderful, but keeping them safe can be challenging, especially for the Holiday Season. With UAE National Day, Christmas & New Year just around the corner each Pet Parent should consider where danger for pets lures. Balloons, Flags, Christmas Ornaments, Tree toppings, abundant food & Fireworks, all come to mind as possible hazards.

We have found some interesting articles full of tips on what to avoid and how to handle if things do go wrong. Please read here for more information:

Seasonal Safety


DVES emergency schedule


Critical in the preparation is to keep track of your Vet’s telephone number, put it in place you can easily find and remember and ensure that you know which vet is on call. Please find our DVES schedule to see our emergency schedule this Holiday Season.