Holistic pet care

Holistic Pet Care Day – 30th of August 2016

What is Holistic Pet Care? Who provides this and what to check for? and who are qualified? these are just some questions that come to mind to provide you with some thoughts to chew on:

What is Holistic Veterinary Medicine?

A Holistic Vet will combine conventional veterinary medicine with complementary vet care. Looking at the whole picture and all body systems, before implementing a therapeutic plan. Not all Veterinary Clinics can offer Holistic Veterinary Care and not all Clinics that provide this are indeed qualified to do so.

As much as it is important to try different veterinarians/clinics to see if you feel comfortable with the Vets and their care for your pet. It is also important to ensure you are dealing with a professional, someone who is qualified to offer the Holistic Pet Care services advertised. Are the requirements in the UAE the same as in your home country? What are the standards your Vet Clinic works by? How do they define Holistic Veterinary Care?

In our clinic, we are open for Holistic Pet Care but do not offer most of the more specialised treatments. We believe that referring you to, and working together with skilled Vets in specific qualifications gives us more freedom to ensure you are dealing with the right partner. This way we can offer holistic treatment at its widest form, ensuring the best possible outcome for your pet, our client. We select our Holistic-working partners based on qualifications, skills, track record, and recommendations.

So do not hesitate, would you like to discuss a Holistic approach and referral for a different and more Holistic approach? We can help you, just ask or make it known to us, and we will discuss your pet’s needs and possible partners for this.