IPATA -This is why all pet relocation companies should be a member

The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association or IPATA was founded in 1979. Their goal is to provide professional and caring pet relocations services all over the world. IPATA has the best interest of the animals in mind.

Being a member of IPATA brings many advantages and binds members to follow the correct guidelines and standards when it comes to Pet and Animal Travel. IPATA is very selective of approving membership to Pet Relocation companies or agents. Pet Relocation companies or agents that would like to join IPATA can do so, only if existing members recommend them with a letter stating their experience and knowledge. To become a full member of IPATA, an agent must spend one year as a Provisional Member. During this time, the agent will have to go through an extensive course in Pet Travel and Relocation that covers the full aspect of the relocation process including airline standards and rules, country-specific rules, animal’s health and safety, proper handling of animals and documentation.

IPATA offers its members unlimited access to

• Worldwide connection with Professional Pet Shippers. During the Pet Relocation process, often we need help from agents in the country of origin or at the destination. It is very important to know that professional and knowledgeable agent will handle the process.
• Learning & networking events. With many regional meetings all over the globe, IPATA gives its members opportunities to have the latest information on the topic of Pet and Animal Relocation. During these events, agents all over the world meet and exchange experiences and build up a strong working relationship.
• Continuous training and education – latest news and innovation. IPATA provides its members with the latest information regarding all aspects of pet and animals travel. Members also have access to continues learning tools online as well on the Regional Meeting
• Direct links to IATA and Government Engagement where IPATA agents can directly contact the Government bodies in the countries all over the world.
• Worldwide health and customs regulations. With its broad database, IPATA gives its members an overview of health and customs requirements all over the world.

When it comes to Pet and Animal relocation, the safety of the animals is the primary concern. By entrusting the relocation of your pet to a professional agent that is a member of IPATA, you can rest assured that your pet is in safe hands and the whole relocation process will be done in a professional and caring way.