Adopt A Cat Month June 2016 ABVC Kennels & Cattery Dubai

June is “Adopt a cat” month at ABVC

Adopt a Cat – Unfortunately despite our enormous support of the Animal Project (Friends of Animals), the Middle East Animal Foundation, our yearly recurring February Free Spay & Neuter Campaign and endless assistance to a list of direct clients and non-clients who bring in Pets (dogs, cats, small mammals and many others), there are still many pets out there needing our and your help.

June (just before Summer, when the problem is at its worst) has been called “Adopt a Cat Month” to put even more emphasis on the need to help.

Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic & ABVC Kennels & Cattery (ABVC) support organisations and individuals to care for street cats. We find homes for kittens through collaboration with Friends of Animals & Middle East Animal Foundation by offering discounted rates for vaccination, deworming and medical treatment, by placing a cage in our waiting room for kittens looking for a home and in our Kennels & Cattery, and by donating food. Besides this we, on a weekly basis, outside our Free February Spay and Neuter Campaign, offer 15 slots for free spay/neuter of cats and 4 free spay/neuter dogs. This year alone, we already contributed to over 50.000 AED worth to ensure a better future for all affected animals.

Please, therefore, follow us on Facebook, share our (re-)homing request and adoption days with your friends and spread awareness for this problem. Of course, if possible adopt a kitten/cat yourself, or maybe temporarily foster one?

Both the Middle East Animal Foundation and the Friends of Animals (Animal Project) are officially licensed by the involved Ministries.


Help us, Help them!