Kilos for kittens campaign

Kilos for Kittens

As we are all back from holidays, and kids are settled back in school, all return parties have been celebrated, and all friendships rekindled, it is finally time to get rid of those summer kilos!

Therefore Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic, ABVC Kennels & Cattery together with our rescue partners The Animal Project (TAP) and Middle East Animal Foundation (ME-AF) have just “The Way” to keep your motivation high;

“Kilos for Kittens”

How does it work? For every 2 kg lost you will get a voucher, 5 vouchers will equal 1 free spay of a stray kitten/cat, 2 vouchers for 1 neuter of stray kitten/cat, or a free night boarding in our boarding facility in low season. Vouchers can be handed over to either TAP or ME-AF so they can combine your weight loss with that of others to get the maximum benefit out of the voucher system. Only people 18 years and older can participate. Each participant has to register his/her starting weight in either our Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic or ABVC Kennels & Cattery. You can choose to note down your weight loss regularly and receive a voucher for each 2 kg lost or only show up at the end date (15th of December) for the final weighing and register the loss for the full period.

The Kilos for Kittens Campaign starts on the 1st of October and will end on the 15th of December 2016. To register or just to receive more information please send an email to

At the end of this new Campaign, we will organise a small party to celebrate your weight loss and the earned spays and neuters. Please join us for this fun event for which the knife cuts on both sides! (help for Stray Cats/Kittens and loss of weight!)