Micochip developments

Microchip – New Developments

New Developments in microchips (not yet available in the UAE):

Microchip which also measure temperature in Pets:

Shifting away from the stress of taking rectal temperature in Pets is the new Microchip which offers the pet’s core temperature at a glance through the touch of a button.

Direct registration of Microchip number in linked software system

Your  Pet’s Microchip number can be scanned and directly added to the Veterinary Patient record, this way no more mistakes (human error) can be made when transferring the number into the patient record

GPS tracker or microchip?

How good would it be to track your pet via it’s microchip when he/she is gone missing? Unfortunately this is not yet possible in a microchip however via the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker you might still be able to find your pet;

Registered & microchipped Pets worldwide can only be identified when found, in order to read the Microchip and locate the owner. But what to do for Pets that are lost and not found? Can you implement a GPS tracker in it’s microchip? Unfortunately not, the required equipment for this feature is till too large and will not fit into a Microchip.

A GPS tracker has however been developed that can be placed onto your pets collar and can help track your pet in the not too far away neighborhood. This way you can track your Pet in real time.