Microchip registration at your vet

Microchip registration – Where to register your Pet’s Microchip Number

Losing your Pet will immediately make you aware of the importance of Microchip registration.

Correctly registered pets will have their owners retrieved when found via the existing local database. Each country has unfortunately still its own database and these are not yet linked, leading to not all owners being retrievable for the found Pets. It is therefore of utmost importance to register your Pet(s) when moving to a new country again in order to ensure excellent finding chances.

For the UAE the following procedure is in place:

  1. register your pet and his/her microchip number at y0ur Veterinary Clinic (info@abvc.ae)
  2. each Veterinary Clinic records its rabies vaccinated client’s Pets at the UAE Municipality
  3. each owner should register in the UAE Pet Database via Aniworldbase.com