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National Mutt Day – 31st of July 2016

Definition of a Mutt: a mongrel dog without a clear ancestry!

Dubai has so many Mutts rescued from the streets or happily travelling the world with their owners that we thought it time to put them in the Limelight. In general Mutts are dogs that represent a varied gene pool and an even more varied exterior and appearance. They are hardy and clever dogs who seem to deal with whatever comes their way in the best way they can.

Like cats, they seem to adopt you rather then you adopting them, and they are very caring and protective of their pack! Dubai’s rescue organisations do whatever they can to ensure their health and safety and on this Special Day, Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic and ABVC Kennels & Cattery like to support this cause even further.

*T&C apply: free consult or grooming only after confirmed prior appointment, each Mutt 1 appointment in both Clinic and Pet Hotel