Pet Care Holiday Solutions ABVC Kennels & Cattery Dubai

Pet Care Holiday Solutions

  1. Your Pet joins you on your holiday
    1. It is important to know the rules & regulations of the country you want to visit, please see for this our Pet Travel info. If your country is not mentioned, please contact our vet clinic, allowing us time to sort the correct answer. You do have to realize that in some countries there is a threat of your pet picking up on some nasty diseases due to e.g. tick infection (tick borne diseases) or other, so inform yourself on how to protect your pet for this. It is also important to sort out, before you make any plans, if your pet will be welcome at your destination or more importantly welcome back in the UAE!
  2. Kennel or Cattery, Pet Hotel or Boarding Facility
    1. Dubai has some excellent Pet Hotels which will provide you with quality service to safeguard your Pet’s Health and your Holiday fun. ABVC Kennels & Cattery is a new service of Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic, and we offer the same high standard Pet Care as we will provide in our Clinic. For those of you interested to know more, please contact: or call us to book a viewing of our amazing facility.
  3. Professional Petsitters
    1. For those of you who will feel unhappy re-homing their pets for the holidays to a Pet Hotel, there is the possibility of having someone come to your house and give your pet daily personalized care and attention. Contact our Vet Clinic for telephone numbers or find their number in Connector under “pet sitting” green pages. It is important to find a company that either comes highly recommended, has been proper licensed and to ensure not only your pets but also your home is in safe hands.
Medical Boarding for Cats

  1. Home, Help- or Friend
    1. Of course having someone stay in your home to take care of the Pet(s) seems like the best solution. Your pet will stay in his own environment and feel most comfortable. Please know that whatever you choose, Team ABVC is always on standby!
  2. Veterinary care while you’re away
    1. Our Vet Clinic will happily visit your pet in case of need in one of the Kennels or Catteries that you have chosen or at your home. This arrangement can also be made as a check-up on the health of your dog or cat while you are away, for instance on a weekly routine base. In order for us to be better informed please notify us of your plans and provide us with a clear map on where to find your pet’s location. Leave us instructions on how to reach you if an emergency arises that needs discussion prior to treatment. In this case, we require you to fill out a holiday consent form and appoint a person to let us into your house to examine your pet.


– Leave correct holiday address
– Inform vet with your correct address and who might call in case the pet stays home
– Arrange for check up house call if you do not have a professional house/pet sitter/or a person familiar with your pets taking care

What else to think of?

Is your pet on medication? Our staff is trained to support pets requiring that little bit of extra care. Besides this, we will have a Vet and a nurse daily visit our facility to look after the pets on medication or needing extra medical attention. So you can travel carefree and know your pet is in our caring hands. Please contact us for more information.

The UAE summers are very hot and humid and pose a real threat to pet health. It is therefore, important to inform the people taking care of your pet whilst you are away what your pet is accustomed to and what to look out for. An untrained dog for example, can not go jogging with your very sportive friend and in the summer heat being outside for longer then 5-10 minutes can already be too much! many more examples can be given by our excellent staff, for more information please email us!

Pets tend to gain weight during the summer as they will get less excercise due to the excessive heat, therefore cut them down on food intake in order to secure their overall health. Should you leave your pet in the care of a Pet Sitter or a Pet Hotel, discuss with them the amount of food to be given and the ideal weight to be kept whilst you are travelling. For a lot of our clients, it is easier to ask us for support with their pets weight control whilst they are on Holiday. We are happy to be of assistance,