pet holiday hazzards

Pet Holiday Hazards – Keep your pet safe

Holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy with family and friends with Christmas and New Year being just around the corner. But nothing can spoil a good cheer before, during, or after the celebration than rushing for an emergency to a veterinary clinic.
Before putting decorations or any presents, be cautious about your pet and learn about the common holiday dangers that are hazardous and poisonous to your pet. There are lots of certain holiday dangers that pose threats to pets such as foods, decorations, and plants.

Emergency Vet Care

ABVC is on duty during Christmas (24th and 25th of December 2018), so if there is an emergency please call us at 04-340860. To check who is on emergency duty during the rest of December, please see our DVES schedule.


This is one of the most common causes of emergencies, especially during holiday season. Chewed packages of chocolates, chocolates covered macadamia nuts, chocolate with raisins are just a few examples. Your pet has a great sense of smell and they can easily chew things even if it is wrapped or packed. Always remember chocolates are poisonous to your pet and also the added ingredients like macadamia nuts can result in temporary paralysis, and raisin can result in acute kidney failure. It’s always safer to consider that all chocolates be off limits to your pet.
Leftover meat or meat scraps can cause severe vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain or in a much worse scenario can lead to pancreatitis.
Candies and deserts may contain natural sweetener which can cause a spike in insulin or sometimes link to liver failure when ingested by your pet. Fruitcakes with raisin can cause acute kidney failure as mentioned above.


Christmas trees and Christmas lights also pose risky temptations to our pets. Christmas tree can tip over if pets climb on it or try to play with the decorations. Christmas lights can cause burns when the cords are chewed. Ornaments and decorations can cause toxicity or even blockage when ingested.

Always remember quick action can save a life and in case of an emergency don’t hesitate to call us (04-3408601)


Written by Veterinary Nurse Ralph Recto