Pet registration in Aleef app

Is your pet registered?

In October 2015, the municipality launched a stricter implementation for pet registration (cats and dogs) in Dubai. Pet owners are now obliged to do an online registration with the municipality and in order to complete the process, pets should be microchipped, vaccination should be up-to-date and should have a municipality tag with its unique registration number.
To those pet owners who imported their dogs or cats from other countries, they need to visit the nearest veterinary clinic in the area to know about the requirements needed for the registration.

Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic assists its clients to process and complete the online registration. As soon as you have the all the needed requirements, you will be asked to submit the following documents to complete the online registration:

– Scanned copy of the owners Emirates I.D. (front and back)

– Pet’s photo (not more than 16 MB)

– Scanned copy or picture of the recent vaccinations of the pet

– Makani number (new addressing system of Dubai) – **Optional

Moreover, Dubai Municipality has a downloadable smartphone application called ALEEF for the owners to have an easy access to their pet’s details.

To learn more about the registration process, please send your inquiries to and we will be happy to assist you.