PetfoodExpress Free delivery of Pet Food reminder ABVC Dubai

PetfoodExpress! – Autodelivery service of Pet Food and other Pet Supplies at ABVC

Quite a few of our clients tend to run out on pet food at odd times. A quick run to a nearby supermarket or pet shop can offer relief, however, does not guarantee the continuation of the same brand and product in all cases. We therefore now offer our newest service as a support to our esteemed clients:

You can save time and money by setting up regular pet supplies and pet food delivery. Instead of making that last-minute trip to the store, a consistent pet food delivery service can leave you with more time to spend with your favorite furry family members. This cat and dog food delivery service provides timely shipments right to your doorstep, saving you time and hassle lugging bulky bags or heavy cases of food from the store. With this repeated dog or cat food delivery service, you will receive your pet food and supplies regularly on a schedule that you can set and modify quickly. You’ll receive timely messages letting you know when your next delivery is about to ship.

We now offer an auto-delivery service that allows you to schedule how often you need your Petfood, and we will automatically get the food delivered to your door according to your chosen frequency. Never worry or run to the pet store last minute again, or drag those heavy bags of petfood.

Save time, Save money, order PetfoodExpress Today!


PetfoodExpress Benefits:

How does it work? For those of you interested, ABVC staff will contact you and calculate together with you how long a bag of your preferred Pet Food brand will last you for your pet or pets. Based on this outcome or your preferred schedule, we will set up a pet food delivery schedule to ensure that you will promptly receive the needed pet food delivered to your home or office address (whichever you prefer). Payments can be made via Cash on Delivery or via our mobile Credit Card units. ABVC Pet Food Delivery Service, one worry less!

The Delivery of the Pet Food is free of any additional charge and can be done seven days a week between 10 am and 9 pm*

Membership is free and for all our members joining us before the 31st of August 2016, you will receive one free Vet Consult *(valid till 31st of December – 1 per Pet Family). We will ensure you always receive all ongoing promotions related to your usual brand and will update you if any other interesting promotions are coming up.

Members will be appointed an account manager. The account manager will regular check your file and update you on any other reminders such as vaccination, de-worming, flea and tick treatment and even grooming if required.

Confirmation of the delivery takes place via an informative SMS, confirming the date, address, and time – which you can accept (Y) or decline (N) after which we will call you to make another appointment.


* Terms & Conditions apply (1 free vet consult per pet family – valid till 31st of December 2016)

** special delivery days and times in place for Dubai Marina, JBR, Mirdif, Internatioanl City e.o.