PetFoodExpress Delivery Program

ABVC – PetFoodExpress Delivery Program

Local Dubai pet stores have a lot to offer when it comes to purchasing pet food products. There are special promotions available, free deliveries and discounted prices. The most important consideration however, when choosing your pet food resource will be their reputation and the consistency in their delivery and additional services offered to clients. With all the recent trends available, ABVC has launched one of their best programs yet, the PETFOODEXPRESS SERVICE. The main goal of the program is to provide ease and flexibility in delivering each client’s pet’s food needs timely and to assure consistency. No more running out of pet food and no more carrying of those heavy pet food bags. Such service not only leads to more responsible pet ownership, but is hassle free and adds up to more costs saving.

Since the launch of PetFoodExpress Service, more and more clients are getting interested and have already subscribed to the program.

“ABVC Pet Food Delivery program is prompt and has all the variety we need for pets delivered to our doorstep. Thank you for making all our orders on time. A 10/10 staff response,” said Dana Nasser.

“In the busy and rapid paced lifestyle of Dubai, it’s nice to have a pet food service like ABVC offers. Service is friendly and convenient, and they anticipate my needs before I do.” expressed Larry Kuhns

“I find ABVC new pet food delivery program really convenient. I’ve been paying in advance for several large bags of dry food, which makes it even easier to have it delivered while I’m at work. With 10 cats in my villa, it used to be a major crisis if I ran out of food even for a half a day. Doesn’t happen anymore as the new bags always arrives just before the previous one is finished,” said Jackie Crowley.

Why is this program a big hit? We calculate how long a bag of food will last in your home by calculating the daily needs of your Pet to stay at a healthy weight and as per your personal wish. We offer directly all special promotions both from ABVC and from our suppliers. For every 10 bags of the same food bought you will get the 11th bag for FREE. All Deliveries will be done at the for your comfortable date, time and place in Dubai. Each client gets his own dedicated account manager, who will know all of your Pet Food needs and will be able to advise you on all ongoing promotions in ABVC group and besides this can forward any worries you might have on your Pet to the relevant Vet who will in return contact you. Your account manager will personally remind them at least three days before the scheduled delivery for this delivery via an informative SMS or phone call. Aside from that, your account manager will regularly remind you of your pet’s vaccination due dates, de-worming, on-going and future special promotions for both ABVC Clinic and ABVC Kennels and Cattery. All accountmanagers are aware of each others clients.

Let ABVC takes care of your pet food orders. To subscribe or to learn more about the automated pet food delivery program, please send all your queries to or call 04-3408601 for assistance.


Client’s satisfaction is our top priority!