Playday on 27-8-2016

Play Day for Small and Medium Dogs – 27th of August 2016

All our guests, especially their dogs had fun during our latest play day at ABVC Pet Hotel. This day was a special one; we were invaded by the flat-faced dogs, such as French Bulldogs, Pugs and Shih Tzu’s.


Costa (a brown French Bulldog) is a regular customer; he has joined our Dog Day Care for a while now and was the first to arrive. We know Costa very well, and we know he will be a great playmate for the other guests and indeed, we were right!

He played all afternoon with his new playmates and even with some of the humans. After a few hours of intense playing, he ended up sleeping.


Another regular guest is Wilbur (a young English Bulldog). We call him “The Jelly-Jolly Dog” and he was one of our Olympic Champions. His owners saw with their own eyes that Wilbur enjoys his favorite toys; balls, in our Ball Pit. They also mentioned that they were proud of Wilbur being chosen as one of our Champions. We simply love this happy young dog.

Kevin, Ziggy, and Chloe

Kevin, Ziggy, and Chloe are three cute French Bulldogs. They know how to play and enjoy themselves. Also, they love to chase the balls in the Ball Pit.


Pocholo is an American Cocker, so not one of the many flat-faced guests. Pocholo is very smart and playful and obedient. He loves changes and loves to be ‘trained’ by us. Very easy dog to handle and we love spending time with him.


Cilo (pug) is another one of our flat-faced playmates that afternoon. He likes playing so much and is always moving. We couldn’t even take a good picture of him; that is how fast he is. Who cares about photos if you are having fun?



Play Day 27 August 2016


One of the other Pugs and playing a lot with Cilo and his owner. Pugs know how to have fun.

Fendi and Lua

Fendi is a small Chihuahua and the favorite dog of animal handler Angelito. Fendi is cute, smart and even more adorable. Together with Lua (a mini Schnauzer), they are not afraid climbing our hop. Owners were jubilant to see their dogs having so much fun.

Rusty and Kito

Rusty (a Staffordshire Terrier) and his owners got some training and advice from Rajiv (dog trainer), but also enjoyed some great play time with Rusty (a Shih Tzu).

At the end of the afternoon all guests and their owners left our Pet Hotel with a smile on their face. They are all looking forward to the next Play Day (which will be on the 10th of September for large dogs and on the 24th of September for small and medium dogs)

Watch the fun we had in this video.