Animal Cruelty Awareness Month ABVC Dubai UAE

Prevention of Animal Cruelty – Awareness Month

April is World Wide Prevention of Animal Cruelty – Awareness Month and although the UAE is making positive steps in this field there are stil many concerns to be addressed. Although there are many more animal species needing our help and consideration it is important to start somewhere and concentrate on this before moving in all directions and getting less real results.

Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic and ABVC Kennels & Cattery work actively with animal rescue organisations as Friends of Animals and the Middle East Animal Foundation and Clients in offering Veterinary Support and Food donations. Pro-active Spay and Neuter Campaigns help reduce the strays on the street from its roots upwards and through continuous support of injured Pets. Less Strays on the street will directly result in less suffering. Both organisations work with strict protocols ensuring return of animals to previous compounds and feeding of neutered and spayed colonies mainly

This is a mutual problem that requires involvement on all levels in order to ensure a positive outcome. What can you as client, do? Support the rescue organisations with actual physical help (volunteer in any which way), donations (food, money, medication, eo.), care of own pet (spay, neuter, microchip, take with you when moving house, eo.), etc.

What can you do when you see an animal in need? Contact the Municipality Veterinary Section near Musriff Park // note location and problem of animal found // contact nearest Vet or Animal rescue organisation // Bring animal to Veterinary Clinic for Microchip check & Identification, Veterinary Care, eo. // Place all information on the UAE Database and Aleef system to retrieve owner if any.

At all times when offering support to an animal in need ensure safety of yourself and other involved. Be careful of traffic, animal bites or scratches as cornered and hurt animals can behave different and aggressive.