Responsible dog ownership

Responsible dog ownership month – September 2016

A dog is a human’s best friend and for some people even an additional Family member. Dogs (like all other pets) deserve to be looked after in the best possible way.  As not everyone is aware of what kind of responsibility dog ownership is, we thought it best to summarise this for you. This gives a good overview of the responsibility, both emotional and financially of having a dog in your home.

Although, unfortunately, not all dog owners take this responsibility serious and some of them even leave them to fend for themselves, the majority of our clients do not. For those of you who want to do what is needed to ensure excellent care, herewith some tips:

Before deciding to add a dog to your family, please read this article and find out what responsibilities come with owning a dog.

Think first

As a dog is not just a toy that you keep for a short period of time. If considering becoming a dog owner ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the dog fit my lifestyle and my future lifestyle? (if you are athletic you would prefer an active dog, are you immaculate you would probably prefer a dog that doesn’t shed that much)
  • Do you have time enough now and in the future? Consider when working full time to send the dog to Dog Day Care
  • What if starting a family, will you be able to cope with a dog and kid(s)
  • Will you have enough funds to support the dog not only now, but also in the future? Enough funds not only include food, a bed, toys and vet bills, but also paying for relocation (to another country) if necessary.


Having a dog brings pleasure and joy to many people’s life.

Dogs need to be microchipped and registered; this increases the chances to get reunited with its owner in case it gets lost. (During the whole month of September, Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic offers 50% discount on Micro-chipping).

Commitment also means: the dog goes where you go. If you need to move or relocate (to another country), the dog moves with you. Taking your Pet with you will not always be easy or cheap and will require commitment, financial funds and time. Tip: start creating a fund for your dog so future financial surprises will be covered. (ABVC offers 10% discount on Pet Travel and Relocation service during September 2016)

Responsible dog ownership month

Keep your dog Healthy

Get Informed

Keeping your dog healthy starts with giving your dog the right food. The kind of diet that will be best for your dog depends on several things; age, breed, size, activity level, Individual responses like allergies, etc. If you are not sure which diet is the best for your dog, ask your vet.

Keeping your dog healthy also means regular visits to the vet. For regular check-ups and vaccinations, deworming & Flea treatment to prevent diseases.


Some dog breeds have long and curly coats and need to be regularly groomed (by you or a professional groomer)  to prevent the coat from forming matts. In these cases, professional grooming will be needed on a regular base. Dogs with short coats can be easily washed and brushed by yourself. If you are not sure on how to do this, please visit our grooming salon and ask one of our groomers for advice.Professional grooming includes more than washing and brushing/shaving. Ear and eye cleaning, anal gland expressing and nail clipping are just a few of the things that are not easy to do yourself and can better be done by a groomer or at the vet.

ABVC offers 25% discount on grooming of dogs in ABVC Kennels & Cattery during this special month (September 2016).

Dog Day Care

Most dogs are not happy being left home alone a lot. If working full time, a solution could be bringing your dog to Day Care. The dog will not be alone and will have fun playing with other dogs. He or she will not be bored, will be socialized and most important have a beautiful day full of fun. During September ABVC offers 25% discount on Dog Day Care in our Pet Hotel.

Going away for the weekend or on holiday? Book you dog in our Pet Hotel so our caring & professional Animal Handlers will look after him or her.

Having a dog brings joy in life, but also means that you have to take good care of your dog. Please let us know if you have any other questions via and our staff will happily support you!