Senior Pet Awareness month ABVC Dubai March

Senior Pet Awareness Month at ABVC Vets in Dubai

March is our Senior Pet awareness Month and we have many very interesting topics for our clients and their elderly pets. With correct care and adjusted lifestyle measures our Pets can have many more quality years added to their life. Our Vets recognize that it sometimes can be challenging and emotional but know from own experience that it is so worth it. This months therefore we focus on supplying you with:

  • Discounted senior Pet consults (Normally 175 AED – Now 100 AED)
  • Senior Pet Wellness Check-up programs (check with our Vets to learn more)
  • Dedicated elderly pet disease information
  • regular blogs on senior pet related topics
  • specialized diet advice
  • specialized exercise programs
  • dedicated Senior Cat Day (18th of March – free consult for Senior Cats only on this day)
  • dedicated Senior Dog Day (11th of March – free consults for Senior Dogs only on this day)
  • dedicated Senior Rabbit & Rodent Pet day (25th of March – free consults for all Senior Rabbits and Rodents on this day)
  • Promotions for Senior Pet products, supplements & supplies in our Petshop

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When is your Pet considered Senior?

This is a difficult to define topic as some pets (like humans) will still be young and active at very old age, whereas others seem to deteriorate quicker. All sorts of influences contribute to these differences, but size, pedigree and popularity of the pedigree surely are contributing factors. Running this special Awareness Month however needs some structure and we therefore apply the following guidelines in our Clinic

  • Cats 11 years and above are considered Senior in our clinic
  • Giant breed dogs are considered senior at the age of 5 and above
  • Large breed dogs are considered senior around 7 years of age
  • Small & Miniature dogs are considered senior around around 9 years of age

Even for our small mammal section we run a Senior Pet Program with dedicated check ups for them;

  • Rabbits as of 5 years of age
  • Guinea Pigs as of 4 years of age
  • Hamsters from 15 months upwards are considered seniors