ABVC spay a stray Campaign

Spay-a-Stray Campaign 2018 – Almost 200 strays spayed/neutured for free

Almost 200 stray cats have been spayed / neutered for free during the month of February 2018. A big thank you to all volunteers for the trapping and releasing and bringing in the cats. Read below what our rescuers had to say.

“First, let me thank you guys for the free neutering this month. This was a wonderful thing to do as you know we have so many stray cats we feed and need to neuter them as well so they are in good health and lead a good life. I would surely like to bring my cats to your clinic. My experience has been really nice with the staff and the doctors. Thanks again for the help and letting our cats be healthy and fit.”– Bennie Fernandez

“Thank you for Spay that stray campaign. Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic is Dubai’s leading Veterinary service, which other clinics need to follow your vision since there are few of clinic, which concerned about stray issue. I sincerely appreciate that you have created at mindful campaign and wish all of your staffs a wonderful life ahead, as they are very professional and care of the animals. Also Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic is highly recommended to all animal lovers.”– Nattalawan Somnuek

“I would like to sincerely thank ABVC for the slots you offered me during your ‘spay that stray’ campaign this month. Due to your kindness and generosity, I managed to trap 3 of my colony and have them neutered which would have taken an awful lot longer if I had to pay for it myself. Not only does that help me but obviously has a massive impact on keeping our colony numbers down in a city where we all have to do our best to control the stray population. I can now concentrate on the others in our small colony knowing that you have massively contributed and hastened the process by getting three of them done in one day.
Thank you so so much for this, the process was quick and very easy. The email booking process with Ivan was straightforward, I dropped the cats before 9am and the cats were taken almost immediately into the waiting area. I was told to be back at 6pm where the cats were brought straight out and loaded into my car.
Thank you ABVC for your invaluable help.”– Hayley Coates

“I would like to thank your clinic for free spaying services you offered me for 2 stray cats. I am very happy with your service and it is such a good deed from your clinic for stray cats of Dubai.”– Samra Jahic

“Spay-that-stray” is a great initiative by ABVC! Would like to say big thanks to the entire team of the clinic and special appreciation to Ivan for seamless coordination and professionalism. They took good care of the stray I brought! – Irina Dyachenko

“Greetings !!
I am writing this to you to thank you for the amazing job you and your staff does each year with “spay a stray campaign”. I am so grateful for giving me slot for TNR.
The vets are just so amazing with their job and this gives a high level of satisfaction to the rescuer. The stitch line just seemed amazing and the job was so perfectly done.
Thanks once again and congratulations on completing one more “spay a stray campaign” for 2018. It has been a pleasure to work with you and also a treat to my eyes to see my cats running wild n free forever (no more babies ever). Also, I would like to take a moment to thank the management who allows thousands of cats to be neutered for free and help each and every rescuer in the best possible way (as the thought of too many kitties is nightmare for all us rescuers).
Thanks you for all you do !! ??????”– Bhavna (GD Alwani)

“ABVC is doing a fantastic job for the strays of the country, which is a brilliant example for most other “profit centric” vets. The doctors are very knowledgeable and humane with the approach to pets especially strays. Doctor Metje at ABVC is an absolute star along with Derek.” – Blossom Furtado

“Dearest Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic,
A blessed day! Charity and I really appreciate the excellent service you provided for our cats – Chub and Trish. Now that they are spayed, we need not to worry about litter of unwanted kittens. To the Doctor who made the surgery, Nurses and all the staff starting from Mr.Ivan who answered all our queries down to the staff who handed our cat after the surgery. It is an experienced we will never forget as you all exemplify the professionalism, concern, and love not only to our lovely Chub and Trish but also to all the pets in the Clinic. Your attention to detail, great communication skills, and ready smile made the experience even better than I expected.
I won’t hesitate to highly recommend the Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic to all who loves their pets so much as it’s the best Clinic ever.”– Charity and Mac

“I would like to deeply thank Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic for their continuous support, to help pets to have a better and healthier opportunity at living especially with the “spay-a-Stray campaign.” Thank you for helping the stray for giving her a dream at a better quality of life through neutering.”
– Amna Al Haddad

“Thank you for such generosity to spay/neuter our stray cats. I appreciate this so much that we can do this together to save the cat’s life.”– Megan/Souhayla

“Thank you a lot for such an amazing campaign and playing a very important role in saving these beautiful souls. It really restores our faith in all the good humans out there and honestly I felt your whole team belonged     to that group. I was received with a friendly smile and was patiently answered all the questions I have asked since I am fairly new to cats. Thank you!” – Farah and Mr Roco

“I would like to thank you for doing this for the stray cats in Dubai, it’s a wonderful initiative. You will always be our number one choice of Vets in Dubai. -Always caring, helpful and empathetic.”– Emelie Svedelius

“I would like to thank you for your continued support towards the animal community and your generosity for offering a free TNR campaign which will go a long way to help rescuers like myself in doing more towards the cause of saving and helping strays.”– Pooja Prakash

“Eternal gratitude to the doctors and staff of ABVC for selflessly offering the stray cat spay and neuter. We truly appreciate their devotion to the cats and animals of Dubai. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”– Ramesh

“ABVC’s efficient service is truly amazing. They have a genuine love for animals. Thank you so much for your TNR campaign, you helped out so many strays in need. More power to the staffs, doctors and everyone who is a part of this great organization” – Michelle Tajalangit

“Thank you ABVC for helping spay stray cats. It help keeps Dubai more happier to live at. There’s lot of animals in need, and it’s nice to have people like you to take care of them.” – Anonymous

“Thank you so much for accommodating my request. You’re such a big help to the community. Keep it up!”– Joanne

“I can’t thank you enough! I am proud to use a clinic that CARES. Keep it up for our poor kitties!” – Soay

“I have immense appreciation for your commitment to helping strays of UAE.Your annual spay a stray campaign is an excellent way for everyone to get involved and help the dear cats.” – Firdous Sait

“Thank you very much for the free TNR slots you offer. Not may vets do this in Dubai. I appreciate you taking my stray at late notice and for being flexible.” – Natalie

“As every year, all animal lovers and people involved in TNR have the opportunity to sterilize more cats. Thanks to the support of ABVC clinic and the involvement of the whole medical team to make this happen. Thank you for your generosity, professionalism and time to welcome all TNR clients in a very kind way.” – Ahlem

“Thank you for helping us. Appreciate the great service, updating me about the status on spot. Looking forward to deal with you again in the future. Can’t thank enough the amazing team.” – Anas Yasin

“Thank you for all of the care you’ve provided for my cat, Mingming. I appreciate Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic and the office staff. Thank you for giving us the stray cat free neuter and spay campaign.” – Janet Mendoza