Tick bite prevention products

Tick bite prevention month – Prevention is better than cure…

As the weather is still good, most of the people and their four-legged-buddy’s tend to spend a lot of time outside. But before going ahead make sure that your pet is protected against tick bites.

Ticks  belong to arthropods family. They are ectoparasites and feed on the blood of mammals, birds and sometimes reptiles. Tick bites can pass on disaeses to you pet. Active prevention is the best way to avoid tick infestations.

There are many great veterinary products available in the UAE and in our clinic that can protect your pet. E.g.:

These products are usually applied on the skin at the back of the neck area. It is highly recommended to use on a monthly basis.

Another product is:

This is a chewable tablet, for best result avoid breaking the tablet and it can be given with food or directly in the mouth.

Take note that above products are based on the body weight of your pet and always make sure you use it for the right species.

Products for topical use are:

Note: Ultrum products can not be used on cats.

WARNING! If your pet shows any strange behavior after applying one of these products, please contact your vet immediately.