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Working Dogs Breeds

Working Dogs in this group are among the largest of all breeds. They have been bred to help men in a variety of tasks. Working dogs demonstrate how versatile and intelligent dogs can be by assisting farmers, butchers, shepherds and warriors. Some of them serve boldly as guards.

The dogs in this group know how to think by themselves. As an owner of one of these breeds, it is up to you to make sure these wonderful traits are put to their most positive use. They like to get their job done, so if you do not guide them what to do, they will be sure to come up with their ideas.

To keep them from becoming overly protective, they need early socialization with other dogs and people. They are not the best choice for a first-time dog owner. When considering adopting one of these types of breeds, it is important to consider their size and need for mental and physical stimulation of the dog. Early socialization and obedience training are a must for these breeds. With a firm but gentle owner, they make excellent pets.


In general, there are four categories of task dogs in this group:

1. Sled dogs
Sled dogs were bred to pull sleds and hauled cargo as far north as the North Pole. These dogs have excellent stamina and can withstand very low temperatures. They love the cold weather and outdoor activities with their families. One of the best-known breeds is the Siberian Husky.

2. Cart or Draft dogs
Dogs of this type were mainly bred in the Swiss Alps. They have been used for guarding livestock, but their true purpose was to pull carts to the market. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is an example of this type.

3. Rescue dogs
These types of dogs are bred for Search & Rescue in different situations and terrains like avalanche, earthquakes, dense forests, lakes, rivers to name few. Everyone can probably envision the Saint Bernard coming to the rescue of an avalanche victim, with (as folklore describes) a keg around its neck to warm up the victim. There are also dogs of this type that are adapted at water rescue. The bold Newfoundland with its webbed feet and a waterproof coat is an example. These dogs are known to jump boldly from a boat or even a helicopter to save a drowning victim.

4. Guard and protection dogs
These types of dogs are bred to protect their human families. They are fearless when guarding what they perceive as their, from both, man and other animals. In modern days, these types of dogs are used in the police and army. Rottweilers are one of these types of breed. Some are still used to protect the livestock animals from wolfs, bears and other predatory animals. Komondor with its thick, rugged coat makes an excellent Shepherd.