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World Pet Memorial Day – Rainbow Bridge

As many of our friends and clients will experience in their lifetime, there is a time when you have to let go of your furry friend and sent him over the rainbow bridge. Recently I had to let go of my Dutch, our beloved Labrador whom we were fortunate to have with us for over 14 years.

As the 12th of June is World Pet Memorial day, we invite you to share with all of us your story. Tell us about your Pet, how did he join your home, how long has he/she been part of your life, what was so special about him/her, anything you like to share. What happened that you had to let go, how did this affect you and your family and how did you find a place for it? Did you have him/her cremated? What did you do with the ashes?

Would you like to share with us some photos? Some advise how to deal with the loss. How to inform your family? you can send it to info@abvc.ae so we can post it for you on our facebook page.

We have found some interesting articles that might be able to help you further but would appreciate any help or advice you like to share with our ABVC Pet loving Family.

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