Pet Expert Dubai ABVC

Dr. Ellen Kruijning

My parents have from the age of 4 supported my wish to become a veterinarian.

When times got rough at school and I was about to give in on this dream, they stood by me and made me persevere. It was therefore a difficult decision to follow my husband abroad and let go of my career in the Netherlands, but fortunately we found away around it.

Our first 4 years in Oman were split into a career on rotation basis between in the Netherlands (emergency vet 3 months – rotation) and as a family member and mother in Salalah (3 months – rotation).

Dubai came in 2001. As soon as we were settled I started to work but could not find the level of veterinary care I was used to.

So in October 2004 I opened the Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic and started a clinic as per expected European standards I wanted to offer to our clients in the UAE.

Over a decade has flown by and it has been a challenging but rewarding and exciting ride.

Since then, veterinary care in the UAE has seen a huge growth and many clinics have been added. This has kept us on our toes and ensured we stayed sharp and focused on our norms and values. Excellent veterinary care with a sharp eye to ensure respect for quality of life at all times.

My family has grown as well and my husband has learned to accept all sorts of animals into our house at any time of the day or night. My daughters have developed a similar interest into bringing home all sorts of needy pets and “Dubai leftovers”. As such, we now have 4 dogs, 1 cat, 1 office cat, 1 cockatoo, rabbits, guinea pigs, budgies, love birds, tortoises, terrapins, 4 ponies and a horse.

Fortunately we have been blessed with Lorena and Irma, who have become a very close part of our family and who help us keep our control; I wouldn’t know what to do without them.

In January 2013 Dr. Mehdi Mzabi joined me in what is now a ABVC partnership. We both look at the future of the clinic full of confidence and trust.