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At ABVC we offer you the option to Book an appointment online. It has never been easier to book Pet Grooming.¬† Our skilled¬† Pet staff will take care of your Pet’s need. Not all Dogs or Cats will like a bath, shave, trim or having their nails clipped so professional handling is very important! To make sure that your Pet is always safe our staff is trained to handle “difficult to deal with” animals. Each Pet grooming experience can be very much improved by knowledgeable and experienced Pet Groomers. ABVC makes sure that staff is trained 4 times a year to get the latest tips, fashion and tricks in Pet Grooming. This year we have send our Star Groomer to Thailand to attend the most fashionable grooming School* ever! We also offer complete packages which can be found in the link underneath.

So if you have a Pet desperate for a Bath, a good hair Trim and/or getting their nails Clipped? No worries.

Pet Grooming Packages can be found, Click Here

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*Image on right is of the Starwood Grooming School in Thailand where our Pet Groomer went in November 2015 for a training in Pet Grooming