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Dubai Veterinary Emergency Care (DVES)

Shared Emergency Care between 3 Veterinary Clinics (DVES)

Dubai Veterinary Emergency Care (DVES) is the Emergency Service organised by 3 Veterinary Clinics in Dubai.  The DVES schedule on your right will give you an update on who is taking care of the Emergencies on which night or you can reach this service via our answering phone 04-3408601 which will inform you which clinic is on call.

When to call for an Emergency?

At our Vet Clinic in Dubai, we believe that if you think it is an emergency, we think it is an emergency. Hence we will always make an effort to see your pet. In the event where you cannot reach us during opening hours, just bring in your cat, dog or other pet to our Veterinary Clinic and mention at the front desk that it is an emergency.

Initial Triage of patient

We will see your pet as soon as a veterinarian is available. Based on what the emergency is, your animal might first be assessed by one of our qualified veterinary nurses.

Emergency cases will always be required to visit the Veterinary Clinic in order for us to ensure high quality emergency care and monitoring of your cat, dog or other pet in the safest possible way.


Veterinary Emergency schedule

ABVC regular Opening Hours are:

Opening hours Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic

Saturday - Thursday8 am - 10 pm
Friday8 am - 8 pm

MVC = Modern Veterinary Clinic

TVH = The Veterinary Clinic

Warning! Don’t use email, sms, whatsapp or other media for emergency situations.