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Take your pet with you or check out our Pet Holiday Solutions:
It is important to know the rules & regulations of the country you want to visit. Please check the rules for your country right here . If your country is not mentioned you can always contact our Pet Travel and Relocation manager! You do have to realize that some countries impose a threat of your pet picking up on some nasty diseases, so inform yourself on how to protect your Pet for this. It is also important to sort out before you make any plans if your Pet will be welcome at your destination or more importantly to come back to the UAE. We offer many Pet Holiday Solutions so make sure your pet is safe and sound during your holiday!

ABVC recently opened a new service: ABVC Kennels & Cattery.

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Pet Holiday Solutions Dubai ABVC

Kennels & Cattery & Pet Holiday Solutions a professional pet sitter is another good Pet Holiday Solution:
For those of you who will feel unhappy re-homing your pet for the holidays into a boarding facility/Pet Hotel, there is the possibility of having someone come to your house to give your pet daily personalised care and attention.

Contact our vet clinic for telephone numbers,

Home, Help or Friend can also be a good Pet Holiday Solution:

  • Leave correct holiday address
  • Inform a vet with your correct house address and who might call
  • A veterinary house call can be made in the event of an emergency
  • Arrange for checkup house calls if you do not have a professional house/pet sitter or a person who is familiar with how your pet receives care
  • Veterinary care while you’re away

If need be, our Veterinary Clinic will happily visit your pet at any home in Dubai or at the Kennel & Cattery in which they’re staying. This arrangement can also be made as a checkup on the health of your dog or cat while you are away, whether it is just once if you’d like it to be on a weekly basis.

In order for us to be better informed, please notify us of your Pet Holiday Solution and provide us with a clear map on where to find your pet’s location. Leave us instructions on how to reach you if an emergency arises that needs discussion prior to treatment. In this case we require you to fill out Holiday Consent Form and an appointed person to let us into your house to examine your pet.