Pet pharmacy

Veterinary Medicines

The medication for your Pet has to be very precise and specifically specified for your Pet. That’s why we have our own in house Pet Pharmacy to make sure your pet gets the best medicine to improve his health. In our Pet Clinic we use top quality veterinary pharmaceuticals of certified + quality/transport controlled Vet Wholesalers/Suppliers. We maintain a complete inventory of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, vitamins, pesticides and Shampoos for Dogs & Cats to meet the need of your Pet as mentioned in the formularia, according to Good Veterinary Practice Standards as followed in Europe.

Easy to give

As most dogs, cats and other pets do not readily take medication, these products are developed for pets to increase the ease of administering medication to your pet. They are adjusted in size, dosage for even the smallest of biggest pet, special acquired taste, solid, fluids or tablets, etc. The Veterinary Market have even developed special tools and tricks to help your fool your ever increasingly clever pet.
– antibiotics
– pain medication
– shampoos
– anti-parasiticidals
– creams
– hormone replacements
– probiotics
– behavioral medication
– vitamins & Supplements
– homeopathic- and physiotherapeutic care

As we know it can be hard to give the medicine to your pet, little does he know it will improve his health. that’s why our veterinary staff has a lot of tips and tricks to help you feed the pet medication. If you have any questions feel free to send an email or send a chat at