Stray Support

February Free Spay & Neuter month at ABVC

ABVC  offers Stray Support in the month of February each year. For every February since our veterinary clinic has opened, our clinic has organised a free Spay and Neuter campaign for the stray cat population of Dubai. Since 2013, we’ve also ‘spayed and neutered’ a set amount of dogs for rescue organisations.

If you have stray cats in your area that you are feeding, consider having them spayed or neutered to keep them from overpopulating the neighbourhood.

If you work for a rescue organisation with dogs, you can contact us for stray support in March 2018 for dogs as well.


Have you lost your Pet in Dubai?

Pets get lost and found all over Dubai… and very often there are people who put up their pets for adoption.

Did you lose (or find) a pet? Would you like to adopt a pet, or put up any pets for adoption? Please send an email to and we will gladly help you out. Maybe we’ll even promote your request on our Facebook page!


Found a wounded Pet on the road?

Aside from this campaign we regularly take care of RTA (Road Traffic Accident) found animals, motherless kittens, fight-injured cats and several other animals in need.

Stay up-to-date with what we are doing by liking our Facebook page and/or subscribing to our newsletter to learn more. For this we appreciate a donation towards our fund; every little bit helps.