Veterinary Diets

Veterinary Diets

Importance of Pet Food


Pet Food and Veterinary Diets have a huge impact on the life expectancy of your Furry Friend. Good Pet Food adds to better health, better coats, better breath and smaller dropping including less overall odor problems. Although many Dog & Cat Food Brands pretend to be the best, very few really are. It is important to understand what is on offer, what is required and how to read the labels. Less Protein does not necessarily mean your Pet will eat less Protein per feeding, it just means that there is less Protein in a certain quantity of that food. If you calculate the total amount of food needed for you Pet per Day it might actually be more then of another brand which requires smaller quantities to be fed. Besides this Protein in one food is often not comparable to protein quality in another Brand.


There is a lot to say on Carbohydrates and their need in Pet Food, active Pets will need more energy then Sleeping Beauties and some carbohydrates can easily cause flatulence. It is therefore important to check your Pet’s reaction to the Pet Food you have chosen as a lot can be corrected by selecting a correct Diet for your Pet.


Fiber contributes to the Intestinal motility and general well being of your Pet. It also adds to stool production frequency and size. Low quality or quantity of fiber will cause slow bowel movement and constipation or very bulky stools which are horrible to clean up after.

Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements

Quality Pet Food contains correctly balanced vitamin & mineral content and therefore does not require additional supplementation of them. There are however special supplements which contribute to specific health matters, such us joint stiffness, muscle cramping, aging, coat shine and development, anxiety etc. If you have any issues with your Pet think about maybe changing the Food or adding a Supplement


Low quality Pet Food do often require bulky Quantities which in itself can cause health threats due to enormous stomach content in large Dogs. Besides this they also are a nightmare to buy and carry home as each Bag quickly finishes. Even though you think you buy cheaper food, a quick calculation can show that the more expensive Brand per bag, might turn out cheaper if calculated as daily feeding costs.

Veterinary Diets

Veterinary Diets are developed to address a specific health problem in your Pet and will be prescribed by your Veterinarian if necessary. Special Diets are: Diabetic food range, Intestinal Support Range, Joint & Mobility Support, Renal Failure, Hypo-Allergenic and many others.

Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic Vets will provide guidance regarding your pet’s nutritional needs. This means for each life-stage, level of performance and for the management of diseases.

The progress of the diet will be monitored in your patient file in our Veterinary Software Management system. Please contact us should you have any questions or need help selecting the correct Pet Food