Anil & Radhika Wats – Bruno & Simba

Let me start out by saying that ABVC and Ellen have brought immense joy, happiness and a peace of mind into the Wats family. Through the pet shop we were introduced to our elder labrador Bruno and then to our younger Simba. Bruno & Simba are family members and have brought us great happiness. My wife Radhika and I have had the pleasure and an absolute peace of mind in being able to reach out to ABVC’s pet care services at any time of day or night or holiday.

As a result our Bruno & Simba are healthy and well looked after constantly. Ordering pet food supplies, toys, grooming aids, chews and other necessities and or luxuries has become simple, easy and timely. Ellen, who has become a close friend, is, along with her colleagues, ever ready to assist in advice and guidance.

As far as we are concerned, ABVC provides a peace of mind and the ability for us to enjoy our pets. Home services are provided when relevant or appropriate making this another benefit for us.

Thank you, ABVC.
-Anil & Radhika Wats